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Vocal training

Fifty years of experience in teaching

Vocal Training and Singing is a course taught by Sven Jøran Michelsen, an experienced vocal coach and singer with almost 50 years of experience. The course is designed for singers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Students will learn techniques for improving their vocal range, control, and power, as well as strategies for developing their own unique style.


What you will get

- Basic vocal technique such as breath control, resonance, and phonation

- Exercises for developing and expanding your vocal range

- Techniques for improving pitch and intonation

- Strategies for building power and control in your singing

- Techniques for interpreting and emoting lyrics

- Tips for maintaining vocal health and avoiding strain

- Stage presence and performance skills

- Song interpretation and performance

- Working with different styles of music

- Recording techniques and studio vocal production

- Hands-on singing exercises and performance opportunities that will give students the opportunity to practice and apply the techniques they've learned

This is a general list and the actual course may vary depending on the teacher's preference and the student's needs. With Sven Jøran Michelsen's almost 50 years of experience, students will gain valuable insights and knowledge from his extensive experience in the field of vocal training and singing.


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Trude Ringsby

"I have learned so much from Sven Jøran! He is an excellent teacher, and it is so inspiring to learn from him!"

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