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The Norwegian Sound Records

Feel the music

The Norwegian Sound Records is a quality-oriented independent record label dedicated to producing and promoting exceptional music. We offer personalized services, direct communication, and the flexibility that artists need to feel comfortable and understood throughout the entire process.


With over 100,000 songs being released daily, it has never been more important to have a label promoting your music. We have a strong network of connections within the radio industry and access to worldwide distribution channels. This allows us to give your music the exposure it deserves and reach a wide audience of listeners.


The Norwegian Sound offers a full suite of production services, including mixing and mastering. If you want to, our experienced producers and engineers can work closely with you to ensure that your music is polished and professional. Everything you need is in one house, we streamline the process and maintain high-quality standards to deliver a finished product that truly shines.


We craft strategic promotional campaigns that align with your artistic identity and market trends. We use our strong industry relationships and expertise to ensure your music reaches the right audience, maximizing visibility and impact. You focus on being the artist that you are, we handle the rest.


We provide great visuals including graphic design, Spotify Canvas, webpages and social media content. Our in-house professional photographer Gio Trentadue ensures that your visuals are as compelling as your music. This integrated approach enhances your artistic brand and engages your audience across multiple platforms. All in one house at The Norwegian Sound.

Dont let your creations stay unheard! Well established or not, dont hesitat to send us your music today. Who knows what can happen?

We constantly release new music. Feel free to have a listen!

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