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The Norwegian Sound Visuals

By Gio Trentadue

Our Italian in-house photographer has specialized in photographing artists and actors since 2001. I this particular case we let the photos speak for themselves. 


Gio Trentadue

Gio Trentadue is an Italian photographer and product manager living in Drammen (Norway). He started as a portrait photographer in 2001 and soon specialized in music artists and actors.

He studied art extensively, and his photography, purely artistic, makes his portraits stand out as fine art and timeless.

He has worked with many Norwegian artists and actors, including Donkeyboy, Isak Heim, Rat City, Elisabeth Carew, Rolf Kristian Larsen, and Ørjan Burøe, among many others.

His love and passion for art, music, and documentary photography infuse his work and extend into his artistic designs.
His studio is located at “The Norwegian Sound” music label in Mjøndalen (Drammen).


gio signatur white (1).png
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