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Music Production

Every Great Song Starts with a Spark

Whether you're an established artist or just beginning your musical journey, our team is equipped to bring your sound to life. 


Dont let your creations stay unheard! Well established or not, dont hesitat to send us your music today. Who knows what can happen?

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What, When & How?

Every project is unique. Whether its a single song production or a full album, our prices are flexible.

To get a quote tailored to your project, please contact us directly on phone or press the button below. 


George Tanderø 

(Dagny, Karpe, Emilie Nicolas...)

"I've had the pleasure of mastering a lot of Peter's mixes. They always sound great!! Always very musical, fun and inspiring to work with, and they also sound very timeless and organic in a way I really like."


(Singer songwriter)

"The guys at The Norwegian Sound have produced several of my songs, and I am very satisfied with the results. Great quality at all stages, as well as a very nice and professional guys to work with. I can really recommend these guys!"
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