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Our History

Norwegian Sound is a leading recording studio located in Mjøndalen, Norway. Founded by Sven Jøran Michelsen in 1987 as Micel Music, the company has a long history of providing high-quality audio services to a diverse range of clients, including musicians, artists, and businesses. In 1997, the company rebranded as GAG Sound Studio and, in the 2000s, became Norsk Lydstudio.
Today, The Norwegian Sound occupies a space of nearly 600 square meters, featuring three fully equipped studio units,  a lounge, and a studio apartment. In addition to offering recording services for a variety of music genres, the company also runs the Norwegian Sound Music Academy, which provides music production and studio work courses as well as instrument instruction in guitar, bass, and singing. With a customer base that spans various categories and recording needs, Norwegian Sound is a collective of nine music producers who are dedicated to delivering top-quality audio productions.

In 2023 The Norwegian Sound extended their business and started a record label. The Norwegian Sounds record label specializes in producing and promoting high quality music. As an independent record label, it is not affiliated with any larger music conglomerate, allowing it to have more flexibility and autonomy in its operations. The label works with a diverse range of artists, and helps them to achieve their goals in the music industry through a variety of services, including promotion, radio and playlist pitching, social media content creation, and visual design. In addition, the label has connections to the radio industry and worldwide distribution networks, which help to amplify the reach and impact of the music it releases. Overall, the Norwegian Sounds record label aims to be a valuable partner for artists looking to make a mark in the music world.

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