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Our Services |

Does it include sound? We can do it!


Recording |

We can record everything from vocals to big ensembles. Does it make sound? We can record it. Check out our different studios under "Our Studios" in the main menu.


Mixing |

The Norwegian Sound are known for their professional, and musical-sounding mixes. Peter Michelsen is comfortable mixing a wide variety of genres.


Mastering |

Make sure your songs sounds good on all platforms, and on all devices. We master for both digital releases and vinyl.


Production |

Get the most out of your ideas. Our producers can help you fulfill your vision, and master a wide range of genres.


Lock-in |

Experience exclusive access to our studio and apartment with our 24-hour lock-in rental. Rent Studio A and the accompanying apartment for the ultimate flexibility and privacy during your recording or production project.

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Scoring |

In The Norwegian Sound we delivers music scoring service that specializes in creating original, emotive, and dynamic music for film and video games. Our team of experienced composers and sound designers use a combination of live instruments and cutting-edge technology to bring your project to life and enhance the emotional impact of your story. Whether you need a full soundtrack, a single theme, or custom sound effects, we can help you take your project to the next level.


Coaching |

Coaching through our academy. Learn from professionals.

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Distribution |

We can help you to get your music available world wide through our partners.


Promotion |

Great music deserves great promotion. We have a strong network of connections within the radio industry and access to worldwide distribution channels. This allows us to give your music the exposure it deserves and reach a wide audience of listeners.

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Our great photographer and graphic designer Gio can make your visuals look amazing. Check out his portfolio to check out his work.

Jonatan Bekken

(Way Down the Rainbow)

“Incredibly nice studio with very skilled producers. Quality!"

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You are welcome to contact us to book time. 

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