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Designed for all skill levels

Music Production is a course taught by experienced Norwegian producers from The Norwegian Sounds. The course is designed for aspiring music producers and engineers of all skill levels. The course will cover a wide range of topics related to music production, from the basics of songwriting, sound design and recording to more advanced techniques of mixing and mastering.


What you will get

- Songwriting techniques and strategies

- Recording and microphone techniques

- Sound design and synthesis

- Sampling and loop-based production

- MIDI programming and sequencing

- Mixing and mastering techniques

- Using effects and processors to shape and enhance sounds Music production workflow and organization

- Basic mastering concepts and workflows

- The use of reference tracks and how to use them to achieve a professional sounding mix

- Hands-on production exercises and projects that will give students the opportunity to practice and apply the techniques they've learned

- Recording live instruments


This is a general list and the actual course may vary depending on the teacher's preference and the student's needs. With experienced producers from The Norwegian Sounds as teachers, students will gain valuable insights and industry knowledge from their wealth of experience in the music production field.

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Frode Hånnigsvågsnes

“I have mixed my own music for 15 years. But after I took Peters mixing course I learned more about mixing in those few hours than all those years. My mixes sounds so much better now! Priceless!"

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