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Mix and Mastering

Learn from professionals

Mixing in the Box is a course taught by Peter Michelsen, a highly experienced mix engineer with 15 years of industry experience. The course focuses on using digital audio workstations (DAWs) and plug-ins to mix and master music tracks entirely within the computer, without the need for external hardware. Students will learn techniques and strategies for achieving professional-sounding mixes, as well as tips for troubleshooting common mixing issues. The course is designed for musicians, producers, and engineers of all skill levels, and will cover the fundamentals of mixing as well as advanced techniques. With Peter Michelsen as teacher, students will gain valuable insights and industry knowledge from his wealth of experience.


What you will get

- Setting up a mixing session in a digital audio workstation (DAW)

- Understanding the basics of equalization (EQ) and how to use it to shape the sound of individual tracks

- Utilizing compression to control the dynamic range of tracks and create a cohesive mix

- Using panning to create a stereo image and add depth to the mix

- Understanding the basics of reverb and delay and how to use them to create a sense of space in the mix

- Using automation to create movement and interest in the mix

- Advanced mixing techniques such as parallel processing, sidechain compression and more

- Tips and tricks for troubleshooting common mixing issues Basic mastering concepts and workflows

- The use of reference tracks and how to use them to achieve a professional sounding mix

- Hands-on mixing exercises and projects that will give students the opportunity to practice and apply the techniques they've learned.

This is a general list and the actual course may vary depending on the teacher's preference and the student's needs.

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Frode Hånnigsvågsnes

“I have mixed my own music for 15 years. But after I took Peters mixing course I learned more about mixing in those few hours than all those years. My mixes sounds so much better now! Priceless!"
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